equipment list

trip with overnight stays at mountain huts, temperatures were medium (no special necessities because of coldness or heat)
13-13.5KG of luggage incl. approx.  2L of water (measured right at the start point); sometimes carried up to 4L of water (–> approx. 15kg)

trekking backpack  (Deuter ACT lite 50+10)
3 waterproof dry bags (different sizes [S, M, L])
ziplock bags and plastic bags (approx. 4 plastic bags + 4 ziplock bags)
rain cover for backpack (50-60l)
1x dirt/rubbish bag (“Deuter Drecksack”)

1x pair of hiking boots (Scarpa SL)
1x pair Vibram Five Finger shoes
2 replacement shoelaces = rope/cord useable for different purposes
2x hiking socks
3x thermo t-shirts [hiking&sleeping]
1x long sleeved thermo shirt [hiking&sleeping]
1x thin layered Fleece
1x Bergans Anatomic LV 3-layer outdoor jacket
1x thermal underwear (longs) [sleeping & hiking (if necessary)]
1x thermal undershirt [sleeping & hiking (if necessary)]
3x underwear
1x Fjäll Räven G-1000 hiking trousers brown (zip-off) incl. belt
1x light hiking troursers (zip-off)
1x pair of water-/windproof overtrousers
1x short sports trousers (for sleeping) [+ replacement for walking]
1x microfiber towel
1x handkerchief (Bavarian rhombs – white & blue)
1x fleece hat
1x cap
1x head & neck bandana
1x pair of sunglasses (= replacement glasses)
2x knee bandages
1x ankle support bandages

Sleeping Gear:
1x sleeping bag liner

Cooking Gear & provisions:
1x lighter
food (e.g. power bars, dried fruit, chocolate/bisquits [Pick-up], expedition food [oatmeal porridge], bread, Dextroenergy, Bifi/Landjäger sausages, effervescent tablets, etc.)
1x 3l Camelback
1x foldable drinking bottle (1 litre)

First aid, toiletries, other general items
First aid:
1x Adventure Medical First Aid Kit (incl. bandages, plasters, after-bite, emergency blanket, safety-pins etc)
2 boxes of Compeed
1-person bivy bag
25 water purification tablets
35x Imodium
After Bite Xtra gel
Bepanten antiseptic cream
30x Ibuprofen pain relief
20x Paracetamol
10x Grippostad flu relief
10x Strepsils
15 hay fever pills
sewing kit
safety Pins
needles (blisters!)
sun lotion 50
lip balm

tooth brush
tooth paste natural (2 small packages)
1x small body wash/shampoo
1x small tube soap natural (for hand-washing clothes)
wet wipes + tissues (instead of toilet paper)

Documents & money:
driving licence
DAV membership card (for reduced prices at huts + insurance)
travel documents (insurance papers) + emergency contacts list
cash & credit card, etc.

Other items:
1 pair of hiking poles incl. rubber stopper
pen for notes + small Notebook
8x rechargeable batteries (pairs of two each for Garmin)
8x single-use Alkaline batteries (pairs of two each for Garmin)
2 mobile phones (private, work) incl. cover & charger [incl. complete address book]
1x digicam incl. 2x 8GB SD cards, spare battery, incl. charger
spare whistle (not included in Deuter backpack)
Petzl head torch (without spare batteries)
maps: Alpenvereinskarte 33 (Tuxer Alpen); Alpenvereinskarte 31/3 (Brennerberge); Tabacco 040 (Sarntaler Alpen)
hiking guide: “Die schönsten Wanderungen – Alpenüberquerung: Zu Fuß von München zum Gardasee” von Maria Rosenwirth und Wolfgang Rosenwirth von Athesia
Garmin Oregon 400t incl. map Topo Trans Alpin
Polar watch
2x carabiner
Duct tape
book: Henning Mankell: Mittsommermord
1x Swiss Army knife (inc. scissors, tweezers, compass)
car & house key

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